Personalized Basketball Gifts

PERSONALIZED Basketball Gifts for Players. Very Cool Basketball Team Gifts, Basketball Coach Gifts andGifts for Fans. You will be making a special memory they will cherish forever with these Basketball Gift Ideas.  Type their Jersey NUMBER or Monogram and NAME, or any text into template text boxes. Detailed INSTRUCTIONS Below to make Personalized Basketball Gifts.

ALL Personalized Basketball Gifts

Personalized Basketball Gifts

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IMPORTANT NOTE: For Multi Names PERSONALIZE GIFTS ONE at a TIME, “Add to Cart” and Go Back to Personalize the next gift.

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Personalized Basketball Gifts

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  Personalized Basketball Gifts

 Basketball Apparel

Unique and Personalized Basketball Apparel for Women, Men, Boys and Girls. Basketball Accessories make great gifts for Birthdays and to celebrate the end of the season. The Basketball Scarves are a big hit for Personalized Basketball Gifts for that very special person.

Personalized Basketball Gifts

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Basketball Cases

Cool and Customized Basketball iPhone Cases, Laptop Cases and More Personalized Basketball Gifts. Many are designed as Basketball Gifts for Teenagers, Men and Women, Boys and Girls, will carry with them a memory and proudly show off their Jersey Number and Name and their love of the game. These are great Custom Personalized Basketball Gifts for Teenagers and Adults.  Many of them have matching Basketball Cases.  I love the cool Vintage Basketball meets Techno Basketball Players designs. 

Personalized Basketball Gifts

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 Personalized Basketball Coach Gifts

Gifts for Basketball Coaches that are Memorable and Special Personalized Basketball Gifts.  Great Gifts Ideas for any occasion for your special Basketball coach.  Delete Text or Personalized with their Name or Team Name, the YEAR or whatever you wish to write. The mugs are of great quality. Stainless Steel inside and outside, even on the white colored mugs. The lid closes and fits neatly into cup holders. They are not only practical but so cool too. You can even upload your photo on some of the Gifts for Basketball Coach. What is your favorite Personalized Basketball Gifts for Coaches? The Mugs and Watches for Coaches are my Top Sellers for Basketball Coach Gifts.

Personalized Basketball Gifts

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Personalized Basketball Necklaces

Choose your Basketball Necklace Style, Size and Finish in the “Style Options” area to the lower right of the Basketball Jewelry for Girls and Women. I was so excited to see that one of my designs was the top selling Basketball Necklace on Zazzle out of over One Million necklaces. What an honor that was. I even took a screen shot for the memory. Well, back to the necklaces. The girls will love having their Jersey Number and NAME on these pretty necklaces. So many to choose from.  I really appreciate and want to Thank you so very much for deciding to shop with Little Linda Pinda.

Personalized Basketball Gifts

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Basketball Ornaments

Great Basketball Gift Ideas.  Talk about Cool Designs. These Personalized Basketball Ornaments have so many variations for guys and girls. These make great basketball gifts for teenagers, boys and girls, men and women. Great Gift Ideas for any celebration. T Shirt, Ornaments, Heart Shaped Ornaments, Round, Oval, Snowflake and more. I hope you love these new designs as much as I do. Buy these Basketball Ornaments in Bulk for the entire team.

Personalized Basketball Gifts

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 Basketball Watches

Basketball Gifts Ideas for that very special basketball coach.  One of my Basketball Watches for Coaches started me off on my new journey creating Personalized Sports Gifts.  Zazzle introduced Personalized Watches to their product line. Excited about the Custom Watches, I decided to create a Vintage Basketball Watch for Coaches. It sold so fast that I worked so hard creating many more Basketball Gifts.

As a Tween and Teenager, I watched The Milwaukee Bucks. When I was in eigth grade, I was a cheerleader for our basketball team. I never considered myself cool but when I saw how much people loved my designs, I started thinking, this Basketball Stuff is really cool. I was thrilled to see my customers love it too.  The watches are some of my best selling Personalized Basketball Gifts for Coaches and Players.  Cool, Fresh Designs.

Personalized Basketball Gifts

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Note from Linda:

I really appreciate and want to Thank you so much for stopping by and looking at the Personalized Basketball Gifts created by me, “Little Linda Pinda Designs”. I am working very hard to bring you fun and cool sports designs and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to look through the many gifts.

I hope you enjoyed visiting my Personalized Basketball Gifts Shop.  Many of the gifts don’t need any customization.  You can Delete any unwanted text or I will be happy to make a customized basketball gifts for you.

If you would like me to make changes to my designs for any product on Zazzle, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.  If I don’t respond to your email shortly, please give me a call at 239-949-9090.

Let me know if you have any requests that you’d like me to do for you. There is no obligation to buy. Personalized Basketball Gifts are ALL Customizable by Clicking the “Customize it” Button.

Choose from Hundreds of different Basketball Team Gifts Ideas for Players, Basketball Coach Gifts, Fans and more. If you see a design that you like but wish it was on a different Zazzle product or would like changes made to fit your school colors or any other changes, please call me and I will be happy to customize it for you at no extra charge.

We love creating gifts that boys and girls, men and women will love showing off to their friends and family. Memories that will last a lifetime.  Basketball awards and presents that they can show their kids and grandkids someday.

Great Gift Ideas for Basketball Team.  Easy Text Templates for you to Type YOUR NAME and JERSEY NUMBER or type a short Message on.  How about Your Team Name or School Name. You can also DELETE any text by highlighting the text and deleting it altogether.

For HELP on Personalized Basketball Gifts or ANY Special Requests or Changes, CLICK “Contact Me” or Call Linda at: 239-949-9090.

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Easy to Read Watches for Seniors



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Personalized Basketball Gifts 


or I can Customize it for you at no charge:

Under the  “Edit this design template” Area to the right of the basketball merchandise,  For multiple templates, CLICK:  “More” to see ALL text boxes or image templates.

Type Your Name,  Number or Message in the TEXT BOX Templates.  Once you are on the Product Page, the “Personalize it” box is on the Right of each product.

To Change my Temporary Image and Upload Your Image, Click the blue “Change” word located under the Temporary Image. CLICK Upload New Images Blue Button.  Select YOUR IMAGE from YOUR COMPUTER.”

For lots more Customized Options: CLICK the “CUSTOMIZE IT  Blue Button.

To Change the FONT STYLE, Click the tiny light gray “f” – over 300 cool font styles. Choose Your Font Style and Click “Done”.

To change the Font COLOR, CLICK the tiny “Color Box” Choose Your Color and Click “Done”. To select the Size of the Font, CLICK the “Drop Down Box” and Type in or choose a Size for the Font .

To Change the Background Color, when able, In the “Customize it” section, Click the “Edit” Drop Down Box and select “Backgound”, Choose Your Color and Click “Done”.

“Customize it” Area

To Move or Re-Size Text or IMAGES , CLICK desired Text Layer or Photo in the “Customize it” area. You will see tiny dotted lines and tiny Gray Handle Boxes all around the Text or Image. Drag, Move or Re-Size the TEXT or IMAGE.

To ADD IMAGES, Click the blue “Change Images” and Upload Your Images. Click “Upload New Image” and “OK”. See how to Re-size and Move Images above.

To ADD TEXT, Click the blue “Add Text” in the “Personalize it” area and Type in Your TEXT.

If you would like help creating or changing any of these Personalized Basketball Gifts, please Call Linda. Calling is Best but you can also Click the “Contact” Button and fill out the simple Email Form.

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Great Basketball Gift Ideas

Personalized Basketball Gifts Ideas for the entire team.  Once you are on the Personalized Basketball Stuff Category Product Page, SCROLL down and at the bottom right, you can go to the next page.  Some categories have more products than others.

ALL of my designs can be customized by you or you can call me, Linda, and I will customize it for you. I created them with easy Template Text Boxes and Images. Look at the very bottom of this page for Instructions on how to make personalizable gifts.  You won’t find these Personalized Basketball Gifts anywhere else.

I make great Personalized Basketball Gifts with “100% LOVE IT Guarantee by Zazzle” and they boast a Less than 1% Return Rate. The products are quality and the printing is AMAZING, Detailed and Vibrant. You will Love it. Check out Zazzle’s  A+ Rating at the Better Business Bureau. 

Cool Personalized Basketball Gift Ideas that everyone will enjoy and love throughout the year.  Personalized Flaming Basketball Gifts and the Techno Basketball Players in a Layup Shot or Dribbling the ball. Coaches and Players will love the Vintage Basketball Gifts.

Pretty Custom Basketball Necklaces with Number and Name on a Unique Silver Basketball. Mugs, Shirts, Ornaments, Basketball Jewelry, Watches, Pillows and soooo much more. Many more Personalized Basketball Gifts Ideas.

I sorted the Basketball Stuff into Categories. CLICK on each Category Image or the Link to see the new Basketball Designs.


Personalized Basketball Gifts

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Personalized Basketball Gifts

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