Cute Cheerleading Gift Ideas

Really cool and Personalized Cheerleading Gift Ideas with her NAME and or short MESSAGE on lots of fun customizable gifts. Just type it into the Text Box Templates that will be located to the right of each Cheer Gift once you are on the product page. Original Designs by Little Linda Pinda Designs. Find Cheap Cheer Gifts to Medium Prices to Cheer Necklace Sterling Silver (also in the less expensive Silver Plated Pendants and Gold Finishes).  ALL Cheerleading Gifts CLICK HERE

Cute Cheerleading Gift Ideas

Cheer Ornaments

Personalized Cheerleading Necklaces

Cute Cheerleading Gift Ideas available in various styles and finishes. Silver Plated and Gold Finishes come in Square and Round Styles in sizes Large, Medium and Small. The Locket style Cheer Necklaces come in one size but Three finishes, Gold, Silver and Sterling Silver. Also available in EVERY design is the Small and Medium Round Cheer Necklace Sterling Silver finish.

Look to your right below the Personalize it area in the Style Options section for all your choices of Cheerleader Necklaces styles. If you see any changes you would like me to make for you, please don’t hesitate to call me at: 239-949-9090.


Cheerleading Necklaces


Cheerleader Clocks for Nice Cheerleading Room Decor

Personalized Clocks for Cheerleading Room Decor
CLICK HERE Personalized Clocks for Cheerleading Room Decor


Keep Calm and Cheer On Cheer Stuff

Jump on the Keep Calm and Carry On phenomenally popular band wagon. Lots of different versions of this super popular Keep Calm design.

KEEP CALM AND CHEER ON Notebook for Cheerleaders
KEEP CALM AND CHEER ON Notebook for Cheerleaders  CLICK HERE



Cheer Necklace

Cheerleading Gifts Under $5


Personalized Cheerleader Keychains

Great Cheer Squad Gifts. Personalize EACH Cheerleader Keychain separately for special Cheerleading Team Gifts.  Nice Cheer Gifts Under $5. $3.65 Each with Bulk Prices starting with only 10 Cheerleading Keychains.

Cheerleading Magnets

More Cheer Gifts Under $5. Great for Cheerleading Team Gifts.

Original Creations by Little Linda Pinda Designs


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for Cheerleaders and Coaches

Cute Cheerleading Gift Ideas

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INCREDIBLE Cheer Stunts Video

Top Cheer Stunts YouTube Video. These stunts are amazing. Video by work2win1
Nearly 300,000 views. Could these be the best cheer stunts in the world? You decide. Work2Win1 held a contest on her site and this was the winning video for the best cheer stunts ever.

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Cute Cheerleading Gift Ideas



I am so pleased that Cheerleading is now considered a real sport. Many years ago, many people didn’t. Cheerleading is not only dance moves but co-ordination of moves and incredible skill and dedication. Very long training hours are put in to get everything just right. Watch the video above to see some fantastic cheers.

Cheerleaders are among the top Emergency Room visits due to the extreme competitiveness of the sport and risky daring moves. Please put the safety of your team first.

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Cute Cheerleading Gift Ideas

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Cute Cheerleading Gift Ideas

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