Cool Basketball iPhone 6 Cases with NAME and NUMBER

Personalized Basketball iPhone 6 Cases with YOUR NAME and Jersey NUMBER.  Change any of these cases to basketball iPhone 6 Plus case or one of the older iPhones 3 – 6, Samsun Galaxy or many of the iPad cover choices.   Lots More Basketball Phone, Laptop, iPad and other Device Cases  CLICK HERE

 Basketball iPhone 6 Cases – select

older to newest cases

Basketball iPhone 6 Cases

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Cool Techno Styles to Vintage Basketball Designs.  Custom Basketball iPhone 6 Cases (iPhone 3 to 6 Plus, Galaxy, iPad cases).

How to Personalize

To Personalize, Just Highlight the temporary text in the text boxes under “Edit this design template”.  Type in YOUR NAME, Jersey NUMBER (Monogram) or any text you wish.  You can also just DELETE it.

Watch the YOU TUBE Videos I found, Below. What is a Layup Shot in Basketball?  How to Shoot a Layup in Basketball and a Reverse Layup Shot made famous by Michael Jordan.  Click the following link to see other iPhone 5 basketball cases and all basketball gifts.

Basketball iPhone 6 Cases

SLIM, SHELL and TOUGH and Real Wooden iPhone Cases

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Guys will love seeing their  Jersey Number and Name or any text on these cool sports iPhone 6 cases.  Cool Basketball Gifts Ideas that can be Personalized.

Basketball Players are passionate about the game and passionate about protecting their new iPhone 6 phone with these great cases.  Best Protective iPhone 6 cases that can be personalized and make great Personalized Basketball Gifts.  Many come in a variety of styles such as the slim, tough and other styles.


Go to “Styles” to View Each of the Different Styled or Finishes Offered for these Basketball  iPhone 6 Cases.

Choose from Three Different Styles of iPhone 6 Basketball Cases starting with the Lowest Priced “SLIM” cover to the Mid Price “SHELL” styled case to the Most Protective iPhone 6 Case, called “TOUGH”. Make great Basketball Gift Ideas for that very special one.  Once you are on the Basketball iPhone Case product page, look to your right under “Edit this design template”.  CLICK “More” when there are more templates to fill out.

This is where you can Highlight the temporary text and type in YOUR TEXT or Delete any or all the text.  Next, Choose Your STYLE case according to your price range and level of protection you are looking for.  They make great Basketball Gifts Ideas.  Also to your right, Scroll Down and look under “Style” and Click the Basketball iPhone 6 Case you want.


Basketball iPhone 6 Cases with Basketball Cases

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What is the Most Custom Protective iPhone 6 Cases by Zazzle?

Personalized Basketball Gift Ideas. Very TOUGH Protective iPhone 6 Basketball Case is the most protective Zazzle custom iphone case. I am showing that as the third case in the row.  Choose Basketball iPhone 6 Cases that are light weight, such as the barely there or basketball iPhone cases that are Tough and XTreme Touch with all around protection including the screen.

Every design you see on any Zazzle product can be put on any Zazzle product. I can make changes for you including your school colors or favorite colors. These are fantastic Basketball Gifts for kids and adults. They will love to show off their name and number on very cool basketball cases. Original designs by Little Linda Pinda at: 239-949-9090


NEW REAL WOOD iPhone 6 Cases Basketball Design with 4 Text Boxes


These real wood iPhone cases are fascinating to me and they make great Personalized Basketball Gift Ideas.  I have loved wood ever since I starting being involved in building parts of my home and lots and lots of home and duplex renovations.


I love the look and smell of raw wood but love it even more with a beautiful finish on it to bring out the beauty.  I didn’t even realize that Zazzle was offering Wooden Basketball iPhone 6 Cases until the announcement of the New iPhone 6 from Apple.


The very first iPhone 6 Cases Wood Finish I wanted to make was the Basketball iPhone Case.  This beautiful Cherry Finish represents the look of the wood on the basketball court.  I tried this design in the Walnut and Maple finishes but, personally, I didn’t care for it with this design.

Each case is handmade individually by using our harvested wood that is domestic and sustainable. It is combined with a textured full wrap of rubber for a good grip and protection for your new iPhone 6 and fits the 4.7 inch screen nicely.

Every one of the Wooden iPhone 6 Cases Basketball Designed is handcrafted individually. The images Printed on have UV Protection to resist fading and is printed on the Wood Inlay giving it Vibrant Long Lasting images with a slight Texture of the Wood.


Unique Handcrafted in United States of America and Printed in Elkhart, Indiana


If you have any Ideas that you would like to see if I can do for you, Call or TEXT me, Linda at:  239-949-9090.

I can absolutely take pieces of my current designs and place them in different arrangements, on various Zazzle products and in different combinations for you.  I create the designs in separate layers so I add and remove design parts.


How to Do a Reverse Layup in Basketball Short Video Tutorial

Here is a YouTube Tutorial on How to Shoot a Reverse Basketball Lay Up Shot made famous by Michael Jordan by Jesse Snake Muench at

What is a Layup Shot in Basketball and

How to Shoot a Layup in Basketball Video

by Jesse Snake Muench and


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Basketball iPhone 6 Cases

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Basketball iPhone 6 Cases

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Basketball iPhone 6 Cases

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I am so happy you had a chance to visit our Basketball iPhone 6 Cases article and see the exciting new an innovative cases. I can make you a matching or coordinating case or put these basketball designs or any of my designs on any Zazzle product.  I hope you enjoy visiting my Gifts Shop.

Over 2000 Customizable and PERSONALIZABLE Gifts and Origianl Designs by me. I love creating the designs on such quality products with the most outstanding detailed and vibrant printing robotic process.  Don’t hesitate to CALL or TEXT.  I would love to create a special gift you will be proud of and love to give.

I appreciate and feel so blessed that people from all over the world are choosing my designs. Thank you so much for shopping with us and GOD BLESS YOU.

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