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Zazzle Black will give you Zazzle Free Shipping for a Full Year for ONLY $9.99. Free 30 Day Trial. I am on my second year enjoying Zazzle Black. I can send gifts all over the country for FREE. I LOVE it and highly recommend it. It will pay for itself in only two orders or less. Zazzle will send you a reminder email before your year is over to remind you to cancel if you choose. So much better than having to remember with many automatic yearly programs.

At check out, Sign up for the Zazzle Free Shipping called Zazzle Black. If you order only two time in a whole year, this great program will pay for itself. I signed up for it and I LOVE it. Zazzle tracks how much you saved during the year. I love sending my family quality personalizable gifts from Zazzle and with their Zazzle Black Free Shipping, I don’t have to worry about how much shipping will cost on a little card or a major gift.

Zazzle Free Shipping is only for the Standard Shipping. If you need faster service, you will have to pay for that yourself.

Cost: $9.99 Per Year for a full YEAR of Zazzle Free Shipping.

Zazzle sends you an email before your subscription is over to remind you to either Cancel or keep it going. I like this a lot. Most subscription services never remind you and you forget about it and you forget to cancel it if you no longer want their services. Once you have experience Zazzle Black Free Shipping, I believe you will want to continue it.

I offer my free customization service to you at no cost, no minimum orders and no set up fees. Oh yeah, No Obligation either. If I am able to create a customizable gift for you, please allow me to try. If you simply want some changes to any of my designs, I can do that too. I can place a design on any of the many Zazzle products too.


Promo Code Zazzle

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Promo Code Zazzle

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