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CHEAP yet Personalized Basketball Team Gifts and Ideas. Personalized Basketball keychains, for EACH Player. Basketball ornaments, mugs and more.  CALL Linda: 239-949-9090 to create a custom basketball gift for you to give.  Here’s my Personalized Basketball Gifts Shop:  CLICK HERE to see ALL Personalized Basketball Gifts for Teams, Coaches and Players

Basketball Team Gifts

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Give a memory they will show their own kids someday. You can delete any of the temporary text, make it larger, smaller, different font style, change the font and background colors. Where else can you find these cool basketball gifts personalized for each player by his name, the team name, the year or your text.  We can customize it for you!

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Flaming Basketball Keychains

Cool Personalize and Cheap Basketball Team Gifts for Boys and Men many under $4.00

You also get big BULK Discounts on many of the personalized basketball keychains and basketball stickers and mugs.

Basketball Team Gifts

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Basketball Team Gifts
2 Sided Acrylic Personalised Basketball Gifts for the Team. Type in the SAME text in each text box template or personalize it for each basketball player, one keychain at a time, ADD to CART then Click on the tiny little basketball key chain, still within the cart to personalize the next one.
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Basketball Team Gifts

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 Personalized Basketball Team Gifts

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Round Acrylic Cheap Basketball Keychains are also available in the Premium Silver Colored Finished Basketball Keychains in Round or Square shapes and Large or Small Sizes.

Cheap Basketball Wallets can be changed into Leather, Faux Leather and Denim Wallets or keep it inexpensive with this Nylon style basketball wallet. Many different price ranges for many different personalised basketball gifts for players and basketball team gift ideas for boys and girls.


Cheap Basketball Gifts

Basketball Team Gifts
Cool Personalized
Basketball Ornaments for Any Time of the Year


Basketball Team Gifts
Basketball Gifts for Girls Team in YOUR Team Colors
Basketball Team Gifts
Inexpensive Basketball Mugs
with Your COLORS and TEXT
Basketball Team Gifts
Cheap Basketball Keychains
Change to Your TEXT and Your Team COLORS


Basketball Team Gifts
Basketball Team Gifts
Basketball Team Gifts

Cool faux Vintage Personalized Basketball Keychains

Basketball Team Gifts
Personalized Vintage Basketball Keychains
Basketball Team Gifts
Vintage Basketball Pillows in Polyester or Cotton
Basketball Team Gifts
Basketball Fleece Throw Blanket in 3 Sizes



Custom Basketball Award for Players and Coaches

Basketball Team Gifts
Basketball Awards for Players and Coaches in various shapes and sizes
Gleaming golden coppery background with cool techno basketball player in a lay up shot.  Type in the YEAR and Each Player or Coach’s NAME, TEAM NAME or INITIALS or type of Award or Your Text.  You can also choose to delete any or all of the text.  CALL Linda for CHANGES to any of my designs or HELP customizing it.  CALL Linda for Special Orders or Help: 239-949-9090
 Dimensions of Basketball Court High School – SCROLL DOWN
You can CHANGE the BACKGROUND Color on many of the Basketball Gifts for Players. Click “Customize it” Button and to your right, Click on the tiny blue “Eye Dropper Tool” and choose from many Color Boxes or you can type in an exact Color Code by Clicking on the “Advanced” blue button or just call me, Linda, and I will remake it for you with YOUR Team or School Colors, with no extra charges.

Great Basketball Gift Ideas for the entire team.  I also created great coach gifts.  My customer love the cool flaming basketball and the techno basketball player in a layup shot and vintage look basketball designs.  Clocks, Watches, Pillows, Ornaments and just about anything you can think of.

All Personalizable Gifts created by Little Linda Pinda

Some of the Gifts Qualify for the

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CHEAP Basketball Keychains and Basketball Team Gifts

The Kids will love the cool flaming personalized basketball keychains gifts. Even the young kids are excited about getting a basketball keychain for their basketball bag or backpack let alone dreaming about driving in the future. I know, that is hard to think about, our kids driving someday.

I remember those days.  With orders of 10 or more of these inexpensive acrylic keychains, you will get the Bulk Key Chains Discount.  The more you buy, the larger the Bulk Discount and the cheaper the basketball keychains are.


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Basketball Team Gifts

CHEAP Basketball Keychains

Buy Bulk Key Chains.  Choose your Style and Price Range from these Cheap Basketball Keychains to premium silver finish basketball key chains for nice basketball team gifts. Great Basketball Team Gifts that everyone will love.

Cool and Cheap Basketball Gifts for the entire team.  The first basketball keychain is Under $4.00 and the premium personalized basketball keychain is around $20.00 depending if you purchase the small or large size. Some coaches and parents buy the cheap basketball keychains for the entire team, or you can choose premium keychains with the same designs.

Our Basketball shop has many customizable and cool cheap basketball gifts for players, coaches, fans and parents.  Easy text box templates makes customizing simple and fast.

When Personalizing each individual team or coach gifts, customize them one at a time.  Add each one right to Cart separately, then return to personalize the next cheap basketball keychain by clicking your internet back arrow.  You just might be the first coach to give everyone personalized Basketball Team Gifts.




Basketball Gift Ideas for Players. For Basketball Team Gifts with multiple Different Names and Jersey Numbers, personalize ONE KEYCHAIN, then ADD to CART then return to customize the next keychain. OR you can just type in the same text, such as your TEAM NAME, the YEAR or DELETE any or all text.  This way you can order them all at once.  Once you start, it will go fast to personalize the entire team and it will make your basketball team gifts even more memorable. Remember, feel free to call me for any HELP.

 BULK Discount available on many of the Basketball Team Gifts

Cheap basketball stickers. Buy Bulk Basketball Team Gifts.  They make Great Basketball Gifts for the entire team.  Buy Some with our without personalization. Type your text into text boxes or delete any or all the temporary text. Buy basketball stickers without any text so you can hand write people’s names as they come to the basketball senior night party. So many gifts and so many ideas. Realistic looking basketball stickers, in bulk too. Add them to the basketball grab bags or write their names as they walk in.

Cheap basketball party favors, Basketball Stickers for senior night, basketball pins and keychains. Great Basketball Gifts Ideas for the entire team. Basketball Stickers in Bulk too.

Basketball Stickers with or Without Text

These personalized basketball gifts are so special because you can Personalize most of them by simply typing in YOUR TEXT into the template text boxes to the right of the Basketball Team Gifts.


More Basketball Team Gifts by Little Linda Pinda



Basketball Ornaments. Vintage Basketball & Player
Coolest Basketball ORNAMENTS are Fantastic Basketball Team Gift Ideas for Guys


Excellent Gifts for the entire Basketball team.  Personalize ONE KEYCHAIN, ADD to CART, then Go Back for the next one when buying basketball team gifts with different names and numbers or just type in the same text and order at once. Don’t worry, personalizing goes really fast. Type their Name and Number or (Team Name and Year and YOUR TEXT) into the text box templates. Then “ADD to CART” and Go Back so you can customize the next one. If you don’t wish to do any customization, select the other cheap basketball keychains for kids or DELETE the temporary text. Feel free to call Linda for HELP. I walk you through it or even do it for you.


Monogrammed or Number Cool Boys Basketball Clocks


Basketball Team Gifts CLICK the Pillow to See more featured Girls Basketball Pillows

Some of the College basketball court dimensions are only 84 feet in length vs most being 94 feet. That is because they are older courts and have never been updated to the newer sizes. The older college courts ends up being the same size as High School basketball court dimensions. If you have really good eye, you will see lots of other basketball court sizes for the free throw line, etc.

This was one of the better basketball court graphics I found at WikiPedia.  Thanks to WikiPedia for all the details.  This diagram of a basketball court shows the the different dimensions of College Basketball Courts, High School, Middle School and Professional Basketball Court Dimensions.


Diagram of a Professional Basketball Court from WikiPedia

Basketball Team Gifts

Wikipedia Basketball Court Diagram


What are the Dimensions of a High School Basketball Court?

See Dimensions of Basketball Court Middle School, College and Professional

Dimensions Basketball Court

Dimensions of a Junior High or Middle School Basketball Court – Length 74 feet X Width 42 feet. im Height 10 feet.

Dimensions of a High School Basketball Court – Length 84 feet X Width 50 feet. in Height 10 feet.

Dimensions of a College Basketball Court – Length 94 feet (some are 84 feet) X Width 50 feet. Rim Height 10 feet.

Dimensions of a Professional Basketball Court – Length 94 feet X Width 50 feet.  Rim Height 10 feet.


Dimensions of a Professional Basketball Court from:  What are the Dimensions of a Professional Basketball Court for more details WikiPedia

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Cool and Personalized Basketball Gifts.  I Design so many really cool Personalized Basketball Team Gifts for Kids, Teenage Boys and girls, Men, Coaches and Fan. Please visit our Basketball Shop for lots of neat ideas for Basketball Gifts or Basketball Team Gifts for the End of Basketball Season, Cheap Basketball Party Favors and so much much more.


Basketball Team Gifts

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Basketball Team Gifts

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Basketball Team Gifts

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Thank you for visiting my website.  They also make great Basketball Gifts for the entire team.  Please feel free to Call, Text or Email me for HELP or Special Design Requests. I can make changes to any of my designs or place any design on Zazzle merchandise. Personalized Basketball Gifts for Team, Coaches and Fans.

Let me know if you would like me to put any of my basketball designs on keychains or another product for cheap Basketball Team Gifts that are extra special because you customized it.  I can make custom orders just for your team, coaches and fans.  CALL or TEXT for HELP too.

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Cheap personalized basketball Keychains BULK discounts kick in with an order of only 10 or more key chains.   The perfect gift for the entire team.  Any design that you see anywhere in my shop can go on any Zazzle product. I can change colors for you or make other changes to fit your desires.

We can make changes for you, create basketball team gifts with your school colors and create templates geared toward your team.  My designs are created in layers so it is usually easy for me to make changes to any of my designs.  Zazzle backs every gift with their “LOVE IT” guarantee.


Basketball Team GiftsCLICK the above IMAGE:  Basketball Gifts to see HUNDREDS of our Affordable Basketball Team Gifts and Basketball Party Ideas PERSONALIZED with Your Text and Your Basketball Team Colors


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Basketball Team Gifts

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