Basketball Cases for iPhone 6 and Matching Laptop Case

PERSONALIZED Basketball Cases for iPhone 6, 6S, Older to Newest Phone Cases available. iPhones, Galaxy style and iPad cases. iPhone 6 Basketball Cases, many with cool backgrounds, or some backgrounds can be changed to your Team Colors.  For design changes or help, CALL  Linda: 239-949-9090  More Sports iPhone Cases including iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5C and 5  CLICK HERE

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100% Money Back “LOVE IT” Guarantee. Zazzle has a Less than 1% Return Rate.  I find that to be absolutely amazing.  I saw a National News Report on Zazzle. When I heard their Mission Statement, I knew I wanted to become a designer and associate with them.

Very easy to use template text boxes to type in YOUR TEXT, or Delete the text totally. You’ll love the basketball player in a layup shot too.  Great Basketball Gifts for the entire family.


Basketball Cases for iPhone 6


iPhone 6 Basketball Cases NAME, NUMBER and COLORS
Tough Xtreme Basketball iPhone 6 Cases
Basketball iPhone 6 Cases Your NAME and NUMBER Barely There iPhone 6 Case
Pink iPhone 6 Basketball Case

Here is another article I wrote featuring Real Wood Basketball iPhone 6 Cases and other personalized basketball phone cases

CHANGE Background and Text COLORS on the above Basketball Cases for iPhone 6. INSTRUCTIONS included in the product description by clicking the “Read More”.  Colors are easy to Change to your team and school colors or your favorite color.

Very Cool iPhone 6 Basketball Cases with the background color changed and you can personalize it with the players name, number or monogram or YOUR TEXT. You can delete the temporary text too.  The Basketball player in a layup shot is very cool with a techno looking guy.

CALL us for Help or Changes to any design.  Every case you see here is available for iPhone 3 to iPhone 6 Basketball Case and 6 Plus. You can even select the Galaxy or iPad covers too.

Very easy to use template text boxes to type in YOUR TEXT or Delete any text you no longer wish to see. Zazzle has amazing quality printing on quality merchandise.



Basketball Cases for iPhone 6

Cool techno basketball player in a layup shot with your Jersey Number on the ball and YOUR TEXT or personalized with Your NAME below.  Great Basketball Gifts for boys and men who are avid basketball fans.

iPhone 6 Basketball Cases
Basketball Cases for Laptop


For all of these designs, you can change the iPhone 6 into an iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung Galaxy Case or even a number of  iPad cases.

Up Close Basketball Cases for iPhone 6 and Laptop

These are some of my most popular Basketball Cases for iPhone 6 and Basketball Laptop Case designs for boys and men. They will really enjoy the Cool Techno Basketball Player on the bursting shading background. Being able to find Basketball Cases that are personalized will amaze them. Great Basketball Gift Ideas for their new iPhone and Computer. Choose the 15 inch Basketball Laptop Sleeve, the 13 inch or 10 inch. Don’t allow your new iPhone to get scratched or worse yet broken. Protect it with the cool new basketball iPhone 6 cases. All designs can be put on all Zazzle products.  CALL me, Linda for Help or Changes to any design or product.

Xtreme Tough Basketball iPhone 6 cases

Basketball Cases for Laptop



 Basketball Cases for iPhone 6 –

Matching Basketball Laptop Case

Easy to access by CLICKING the Basketball Case IMAGES to see the Price and Details. You can choose different Basketball Cases for iPhone 6 and different Laptop Sleeve Sizes (15 inch, 13 inch and 10 inch sizes are available).  Cool Basketball Cases with Player in a Layup Shot with your Number on the silver basketball and your Name or any text such as your monogram, team name etc.  The Basketball Cases for iPhone 6 and Matching Basketball Laptop Case.


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Basketball Cases for iPhone 6

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What are the new features of the iPhone 6?

The iPhone 6 is taller and wider than the iPhone 5 and 5S yet it is thinner and sleeker. 4.7 inch screen. The iPhone 6 Plus has a much larger 5.5 inch screen and still touts the super slim thin sleek case. Retina HD display is the best display Apple has ever had on the iPhone.  Brighter colors at wider angles, deep blacks and crisp text for reading.  They will love the Basketball Cases.

I like the improved camera features for the new iPhone 6 and especially in the iPhone 6 Plus. They both have a better monitor displays and the ability to make adjustments to the exposure but the iPhone 6 Plus also has the motion stabilization. Great HD Video shots at 60 frames per second. Video stabilization and continuous auto focus.  Cool slow motions videos at 240 frames per second.

New Touch Pay system so you don’t have to carry around cash and credit cards. One touch pay online including your address.

Everything is so much faster. Faster LTE. Connect in more places while roaming.

The biggest advance since the original iPhone invention.  They will really enjoy this Basketball Cases for iPhone 6.  Watch the video by clicking the link above. I have the iPhone 5 and I love the simplicity of working it. It is a very intuitive phone. I’ve only had to look something up on the Internet a couple of times for how to work something.  Since I am definitely not a techy, I think that’s pretty good. Writing about the New iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus makes me want to get it but I don’t need it so I will have to wait. I don’t tend to buy the latest and the greatest because I buy quality Apple products that last and last.


ALL Custom and Personalized BASKETBALL GIFTS  CLICK the Next Image

See ALL of our Custom and Personalized Basketball Gifts for Players and Coaches. Boys, Girls, Men and Women, including more Basketball Cases for iPhone 6.  We specialize in creating great Basketball Team Gifts too. Find Cheap Basketball Gift Ideas to moderately priced affordable, yet great basketball gifts for him and her.

Basketball iPhone 6 Cases

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Basketball Cases for iPhone 6

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Basketball Cases for iPhone 6

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The Basketball Cases for iPhone 6 are created by Little Linda Pinda Designs. For assistance, please call me if you would like a customized gift created for you.  No extra cost for custom orders.

Basketball Cases for iPhone 6

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Thank you for taking the time to visit our Basketball Cases for iPhone 6  and matching Basketball Cases article. I featured some of the best selling and my newest designs.  I feel so honored that customers are choosing to buy Zazzle products with my designs,  and there are no extra charges for my customizing services.  The Basketball Cases for iPhone 6 make great Gifts for the entire family.  Many people from other countries are now placing orders for personalized gifts from Zazzle ‘s thousands of merchandise selections.

For assistance feel free to CALL or TEXT me if you have an idea that you would like me to design for you. We can put any of the designs on any product by Zazzle. You will love the Quality of both the merchandise and the printing. I love the gifts that I bought for myself and my friends and family.

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Basketball Cases for iPhone 6 will make fantastic Basketball Gifts for Teenagers and Adults. Be sure to look at the matching and coordinating Basketball Cases too.

How to decide if I should buy a new phone or not?  Most Apple products are quality and will last you longer than maybe you wish it would. Do you like to get the latest and the greatest.  Sometimes I am tempted to do that but I must realize that I am throwing a lot of money away when my iPhone is perfectly fine.

First and foremost, don’t change phones before your contract is up unless a company that you want to change to is offering to buy out your contract. Recently I saw an Advertisement for Sprint offering to buy out your contract when you purchase the new iPhone 6 smartphone.  Be sure to thoroughly check with your friends and reviews on each of the cell phone companies before making the big change.

I have Verizon. They seem to have a higher price than some companies but the service I get is really fantastic.  I don’t get dropped calls like I used to with a small cell phone company. My son has Sprint and seems satisfied with his service.  I like the fact that they are now offering an unlimited Data plan for only $50.00.  I bet there are a lot of added taxes and fees.

Did you see that AT&T is paying some customers back for added fees attached to your bill?  Check it out if you didn’t hear from them yet.

Protect your iPhone with a good case.  My iPad case I bought from Zazzle saved my iPad Air.  Two times I dropped it. Thank goodness I had it. I don’t typically drop my expensive gadgets but there were extenuating circumstances.

They make great Gifts and You will really appreciate the quality of these basketball iPhone 6 Cases which are available in different styles and protections degrees.  If you want me to put any of my designs on any Zazzle merchandise or change the designs to fit your desires, feel free to call or text me, Linda. I will be so happy to create something really special for you.  There are no customization fees and no minimum orders.

Thank you so much for stopping by,

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I appreciate your visit today and viewing our Basketball Cases for iPhone 6 article. Wonderful Basketball Gifts for Boys and Men.  Teenagers will love the Basketball Cases for iPhone 6 and Laptop cases with the  cool techno basketball player and flaming basketball gifts.