Cool American Eagle American Flag Shirt for Men

American Eagle American Flag Shirt for Men with Cool Rustic Crackled effect on the majestic eagle and flag. Lots of Patriotic Gifts Ideas for everyone. CALL Linda for Custom Orders or Help Personalizing our patriotic shirts and gifts.   Some of the American Flag Tee Shirts have Text Box Templates. Type YOUR TEXT into the text box templates, when available. ALL the Patriotic Gifts are Customizable.    To View ALL of our Patriotic Wear and Gift CLICK HERE

American Eagle American Flag Shirt for Men

American Flag Shirt for Men

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126 Styles to Choose from for Men, Women, Boys, Girls and Babies. The entire family can have Matching Patriotic Flag Shirts. This American Flag Shirt for Men sizes Small to 6XL and is a great price.  Outstanding Vibrant printing with 100% Money Back Guarantee.  Zazzle boasts a Less than One Percentage Return Rate.

To buy Matching Father and Son Shirts, choose the Style, Color and Size of the First Shirt, Personalize it (when available text box templates under “Personalize it” area to your right of each American Eagle American Flag Shirt for Men).  Then “Add to Cart” and Go Back to and Select a Different Style for Women and Childrent Under the “Style Options” Area.  126 Styles to choose from for the whole family.


A Few other Patriotic Gifts and American Flag Apparel for Men


Scroll Down to see all Patriotic designs.  ALL of the American Flag Apparel for Men STYLES can be changed to ANY of the 126 Styles for Men, Women and Children. So many Colors, Sizes and Styles to choose from. ALL Zazzle Gifts are 100% Love it Guaranteed.  I am still impressed with the fact that they only receive less than 1% Returns. I also provided a link below for their A+ Rating. Please Visit ALL of Little Linda Pinda’s Custom and Personalized Gifts CLICK HERE

Below is a link for VFW Flag Etiquette.

American Eagle American Flag Shirt for Men


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American Bald Eagle and American Flag T Shirts for Men

I love this Patriotic Shirt for Men, Women and Kids.  I added a special Crackle technique to give it a cool depth and a bit of old world feel.  The torn American Flag represents the tough times our country has been through.  Old Glory still rises and waves.  ALL of the American Bald Eagle and American Flag designs are available on every 126 different styles.  American Flag Apparel for Men, Women and the Kids too.

Click the “See All Styles (126)” blue button in the lower right side of the American Flag Shirt for Men product page. So many colors to choose from too.  This is personal favorite American Eagle American Flag Shirt. When you see it up close, you will notice the cool crackle effect.


How Do You Display the American Flag?

I found this really informative and helpful article.  How to Display the American Flag and American Flag Etiquette on the  VFW Website: . When I worked at the United States Postal Service, I raised the Flag at 6:00 AM and took it down at 5:00 PM when we closed. The VFW article gives you so much valuable information on displaying Old Glory the proper way.
The article also gives instructions on How to Display the American Flag with Other Flags which I didn’t know but when you think of it, it makes total sense to fly our Flag above all the other flags because the American Flag is our Nations “Most Sacred Symbol”.

Customizable Patriotic Shirts for Men, Ladies and Children

Some of the Patriotic Gifts can be Personalized too. If you see Text on any of my products, most likely I created Text Box Templates.  Simply Type YOUR TEXT into the Text Box Templates.  On the Patriotic Shop product page, look to your right.  You will see the Text Box Templates beneath the “Personalize it” box. Type YOUR TEXT there.


American Flag Clothes for Men is available in 126 Styles for everyone

How about Matching Father and Son Shirts.  Patriotic Shirts for the whole family to celebrate our awesome country. The  Great Waving American Flag  over the beautiful American Waters. This is a photo I took of a flag waving over the Gulf of Mexico.  It was a bright and sunny day. This flag was my first American Flag Shirt for Men.  The first American Flag shirt men, I designed had the blue sky behind the flag.  Waving American Flag T Shirts for Men, Kids and Ladies.  You can select a ANY Stye shirt by clicking the “All Styles (126)”  Button on the product page, lower right.



Thank you for visiting our American Eagle and American Flag Shirt for Men.  Patriotic Wear and  apparel for everyone.  Call Linda if you would like me to place any of my designs on a different Zazzle item. If you would like me to change a design I can customize it just for you or your family and friends.

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American Flag Shirt for Men






American Flag Shirt for Men

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In this article, besides showing you my newest American Flag Clothes for Women, I also found a Photo Instructions on How to Fold the American Flag properly.  My husband and I were retiring our Flag and replacing it with a bright and beautiful new flag.  My husband wanted it to be folded just right so it took us a few times to have the folded end be in the proper place.  These instructions will really help you to fold your flag properly:  How to Fold the American flag Properly and American Flag Apparel for Women CLICK HERE 

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Feel free to give me a call for design requests or changes.  If you like a certain design, I will put it on any of my Zazzle merchandise.   You will see it before making any decisions to purchase it or not.  No obligation and no extra charges for custom orders.


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American Flag Shirt for Men

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We stand by our country through good times and bad with the eternal hope of peace and prosperity.  Show your Patriotism with these Cool Patriotic Gifts for Men and everyone in the family.