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Affordable Quality Personalizable Gifts with Your Text and Photos. Brilliantly Detailed and Vibrantly Printed Custom gifts by Little Linda Pinda, Designer Zazzle Associate. Free design service on Zazzle personalizable gifts.  GREAT Customer Service, Quality Merchandise and truly Incredible Robotic Printing process that is state of the art.  Linda: 239-949-9090

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My customers from all over the globe love my unique personalizable gifts. Many with original designs and photography. Personalizable Gifts and Party Supplies, With or Without YOUR TEXT, NAMES, DATES, JERSEY NUMBERS, MONOGRAMS, PHOTOS, etc.  CALL Designer Linda to request a special personalizable gifts for your family and friends.



Personalizable Gifts

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Personalizable Gifts

Personalizable Gifts by Zazzle. Read Zazzle Personalized Gifts Reviews and Ratings.

Personalizable Gifts by Little Linda Pinda Designs

Original Designs by Little Linda Pinda can ALL be Customized to ADD “Your Photo” and or Your Name” for a really fun and super special gift for ALL Occasions.  I can design a custom gift for you or make changes to my creations to make it just right for your special friend or family. Feel free to CALL or TEXT me for HELP or Special Requests.  There are no extra fees for custom designs or changes. I just love helping you create something really fun and special.

It is priceless watching someone open up a gift that has their own NAME, MONOGRAM, Special DATE or YEAR or whatever Text you would like.  I found myself creating a lot of Personalized Sports Gifts for Coaches, Teams and Players because it became so popular right away.  So now I am getting known for custom sports gifts. I am hearing from some of my custom customers that the coaches and players think the personalizable gifts are so cool. I even made gifts where you (or I) can Upload YOUR TEAM PHOTO.

How to Make Customizable and Personalizable Gifts:

Many of the products will have instructions in the Product Description “Read More” area once you are on the product’s page on Zazzle at my shop.  Scroll down to see the Quick Instructions or the Detailed instructions.

We make it easy for you to Upload YOUR OWN PHOTOS and ADD YOUR TEXT in the Templates and as always, be sure to call me for help or if you would like me to customize one of my products for you.  I can even put any of my designs on any of the Zazzle products.

You will love giving a really special Personalization Gifts to your friends and family who will have this memory forever.

Quick Template INSTRUCTIONS on How to Make Personalized Gifts:

PERSONALIZE ONE gift at a Time, “Add to Cart” then either Go Back and Personalize the next product or to SAVE your work, after personalizing it, then “Add to Cart”. Still WITHIN your Cart, Click on the small image of your product. This will save all your prior personalization so you only need to change, for example, Coach Name, Player’s Name, etc.

Click “Customize” or  “Personalize” Button.


CLICK the tiny Blue “Change” next to the Temporary Image.

Click “Upload New Images”.

Select YOUR IMAGE from Your Computer.

Click “Done”.

CLICK “Customize” Button for lots more customization Options.  Be careful as you may shift around and move Layers of TEXT and IMAGES. Click “Undo” if you do.

For HELP and or Special Order Requests Call:

Linda Feucht, Little Linda Pinda, LLC at:


[email protected]

Please Type ZAZZLE HELP in the Email Subject Line so I don’t miss you.  Calling is MUCH better than emailing me.





Personalizable Gifts

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Sports, Wedding and Anniversary, Personalized Pet gifts including touching Pet Memorial Gift Ideas and more personalizable gifts by Little Linda Pinda.